Yellow Rose American Whiskey



Grower: Yellow Rose Distilling
Style: Blended
Country: USA
Appellation: Houston
Age: No Age Statement
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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This blended whiskey contains no neutral grain spirits, but rather is a blend of several different types of whiskeys that have been sourced and bottled by Yellow Rose Distilling along with some that they distill on site. Though vanilla is a prominent feature on the bouquet you can find a little smoked caramel and apple pie. Lashes of cinnamon tingles your gums and hard palate and there is a slickness that stays with you throughout the dram and the finish.

From the heart of Houston, Texas, comes a small batch, craft whiskey inspired by the legendary independent spirit of the Lone Star State: Yellow Rose Distilling, the first legal distillery in its hometown of Houston, Texas in 2010. The brand pays homage to Emily West Morgan, known as ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’, a historical folklore figure famed for her role in helping Texas secure its independence from Mexico. As the fourth largest city in the US, and the most diverse, Houston has proved to be the ideal inspiration for the quality cues that make this locally sourced and distilled whiskey the ‘yellow rose’ of the US craft whiskey movement. We do things differently here because we are not trying to imitate anyone else: we’re making a unique Texan product. Yellow Rose Distillery, Crafted In Houston, Texas. Yellow Rose Whiskey starts with Texas soil, is made from Texan grains grown by Texan farmers, and is so significantly affected by the peculiarities of Texan weather that can’t help but stand out from the whiskey crowd. Houston’s almost hot Caribbean-like climate, where it is humid 90% of the time, experiences temperature swings of 10 to 15oC throughout the year. Yellow Rose embraces this fluctuation, allowing the whiskey in its American white oak barrels to expand and contract naturally in the non-temperature-controlled warehouse as the thermometer rises and falls. This natural phenomenon helps speed up the ageing process, thus giving the whiskey its unique nuances to ensure its smooth flavour.



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