Wemyss Spice King



Grower: Wemyss Distillery
Style: Blended Malt
Country: Scotland
Appellation: Speyside / Island
Age: No Age Statement
Alcohol: 46% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Amber in colour. The bouquet shows marine air, cumin, fried plantain and a hint of smoke. Peat comes through, along with the subdued, yet still fiery, temper of a young spirit with robust wood notes. The palate brings olive oil and vanilla notes, a complex malt whisky with many layers to its spicy personality. Complexly sweet yet salty, layered with spice and peppery smoke makes for an ideal alternative to rye or spiced rum.

The name Wemyss comes from the Gaelic word for 'caves'. Believe it or not, the Wemyss family castle is built among caves on the Firth of Forth, which looks back towards Edinburgh, and has been in the family for upwards of six hundred years. Since our founding of Wemyss Malts in 2005, it has been independently run by brother and sister duo William and Isabella, who are kin of the Scottish Wemyss family. Enthused by his time spent with the expert wine blenders in Southern France, William Wemyss was inspired to create distinctive and bold Scottish whiskies. Isabella Wemyss, with her eye, and nose, for uncompromising quality, began to source exquisite single malts from Scotland and the very best oak casks from around the world.



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