Vivir Blanco



Grower: Casa Maestri
Style: Smooth and Herbaceous
Country: Mexico
Appellation: Jalisco
Spirit Type: Tequila
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Crystal clear in colour. The bouquet is clean and fresh with caramelised agave sweetness and a touch of biscuit. Lots of bright, green notes and something reminiscent of fresh sea air. The palate shows very light salted caramel notes, followed by a gentle pepper and lovely bright vegetal notes. Green capsicum pepper, salted edamame skin, jalapeño peppers, cucumber, wasabi and padrón peppers bit amongst the roasted agave. These develop into coffee before coming back to a sweetness that is this time more vegetal. The qualities of the sweet Weber blue agave are ever-present and the smoothness of the Blanco is very impressive.

VIVIR Tequila was born from the love of the Agave based spirit that two good friends shared. They knew a lot about Agave and the Tequila making process. Casa Maestri – a fifth or sixth generation, family-run distillery that grows all its own Highland Weber blue agave, so we know literally everything about it. We know it’s gotten to full maturity (eight-nine years), that the Brix content is quite high so its sweet, therefore ensuring its palatable for the UK market with a fibre-y, peppery kick afterwards. We know the PH of the soil and that the Jimadores are hired by the actual distillery as opposed to being contracted in for harvest, so are fully employed. Casa Maestri keep a certain amount of agave to one side so it grows to full maturity, flowers and seeds. Because of this, the flowering plant keeps a lot of the animal infrastructure there with the bug life feeding the plants and helping pollination etc. The cooking techniques they adopt are traditional methods. We use Hornos [traditionally heated masonry ovens] instead of autoclaves and cook the agave for four days. There are no diffusers on site, which was important to us. We only use natural volcanic spring water that comes up at our distillery, which is very unique and makes a massive difference to our end product.



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