Torres 20 Hors d’Age Brandy



Grower: Torres
Style: Fruity and Oaky
Country: Spain
Appellation: Jerez
Spirit Type: Brandy
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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This is pale amber in colour. The bouquet is perfumed spice and caramel, vanilla oak notes on the bouquet, alongside pear fruitiness, and a warmer more alcoholic impression. It has a drier, more woody finish than the 10 and certainly the 5, and the alcohol lingers, but it is still soft, smooth and sweet, and reminiscent of fine Cognac.

Since 1870 the house of TORRES has been passing down the secret of making great wines, from father to son, as a jealously guarded heritage and a family tradition. History has left its indelible traces on the landscape of our vineyards. A visit to our best estates and properties also offers splendid opportunities to view medieval castles and monastery farms like Milmanda, ancient royal hunting fields like Mas La Plana, and mysterious retreats of Moorish alchemists like the old marabout of Mas Rabell, presided over by a magical age-old oak tree... The 'Torres' or towers of history are the heraldic symbol of our family, and wines become history when they bear the TORRES signature. With the passing of time the elegant, round overtones of oak are fused, in close harmony with the strong spirituous aroma of venerable distillates that give character to Torres 10, Gran Reserva.



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