Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc


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Grower: Steenberg
Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Style: Vibrant and Tropical
Country: South Africa
Appellation: Constantia
Vintage: NV
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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Subtle golden glow with typical streams of fine bubbles. The bouquet exhibits vibrant aromas of citrus and pear complemented by crushed almonds and creamy biscuit undertones. Full bodied and complex on the palate, it is well balanced by zesty freshness as a result of the naturally racy acidity and delicate fruit notes, while adding texture and complexity on the finish.

Steenberg, 'Mountain of Stone', has a romantic ring, but the original name was even more beautiful: it was called 'Swaaneweide' - The Feeding Place of Swans. Whether swans did indeed fly down to drink and swim in the cool clear waters of the farm, or whether the first owner, Catharina Ras, was being nostalgic about her former home in Lubeck, on the Baltic coast of Germany, is hard to tell. Catharina had probably named the farm after what she thought were swans which are not indigenous to South Africa and certainly not Constantia. It is thought that she had mistaken the spur-winged geese for swans as today you will still find a large population of these spur-winged geese at Steenberg. A romantic at heart with hedonistic tendencies, John has created wines synonymous of the first owner of Steenberg, Catharina, who developed and worked this land, her essence and strength bearing fruit 320 years later. The wines are classical and reminiscent of the old world.



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