Southern Comfort Black Whiskey Liqueur



Grower: Sazerac
Style: Aromatic and Sweet
Country: USA
Appellation: New Orleans
Spirit Type: Whisky Liqueur
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: STELVIN
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Bronze in colour. The bouquet shows confected aromas and flavours of forest berry jam, frosted Danish, marzipan, cherry cola, and graham cracker with a velvety, vibrant, fruitiness and a seamless, appealing, carefree finish with notes of coconut layer bar, animal crackers, chocolate covered almonds, and constant comment tea finish.

On July 4th, 1850 two people in Ireland had a baby. They named that baby Martin Wilkes Heron. Not long after, they packed up and left for America. A bit later, M.W. began working as a bartender, in a bar, in New Orleans. Dissatisfied with the harsh taste of whiskies at the time, Heron’s customers begged for something a little smoother. Seizing his opportunity, he began working on a recipe to create a whiskey-based drink with a consistent flavour. As New Orleans was a thriving port city, Heron had an access to many fruits and some of the finest spices coming through the port such as Moroccan cinnamon and Mexican vanilla. He then began blending various fruits and spices together and finally perfected the recipe of Southern Comfort. The original blending recipe remains secret to this day.



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