Shichiken Birodonoaji Junmai Ginjo

Shichiken Birodonoaji Junmai Ginjo



Grower: Shichiken Brewing Co.
Style: Smooth and Savoury
Country: Japan
Appellation: Yamanashi
Spirit Type: Sake
Alcohol: 15% ABV
Closure: STELVIN
Bottle Size: 72cl

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Our signature Sake. The Sake name means velvet taste. A fruit-forward bouquet of pear followed by black pepper and mint. Smooth, off-dry, low acidity with medium body, lots of umami and a medium finish with a hint of tomato leaf. The structure is firm with some corners. A subtle sake packed with flavour as a result of a long careful ferment

Shichiken is a Japanese sake brewery with over 300 years of history, and has been run by the Kitagawara family for 12 generations. Shichiken located at the foot of Yamanashi’s Mt. Kai-komagatake is a Sake brewery overflowing with history. Starting with first generation Ibei Kitahara who fell in love with the water quality of Hakushu (modern day Hokuto-city), and this same source of water continues to be used in new and innovative ways even today, over 300 years later. To Shichiken current brew master Ryogo Kitahara, it is Shichiken’s duty to produce 'Sake that embodies Hakushu water' to its fullest potential. To create the best Hakushu sake, those at Shichiken work hard to embed the pure taste of the local region in every bottle. This includes cultivating local rice, drawing out the cleanest Hakushu water and working closely with local farmers. Rather than secretly developing techniques without opening up to the public, the young Kitagawara brothers take a more modern approach towards their craftsmanship, welcoming anyone to come and observe the process of sake brewing, and even to see the Kojimuro (a room where the malt is dried), where traditionally not even workers at the brewery were allowed to enter unless they were involved in the process.



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