Valdespino Vermouth



Grower: Gruppo Estévez
Style: Bitter and Zesty
Country: Spain
Appellation: Andalucia
Spirit Type: Vermouth
Alcohol: 15% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 75cl

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A vibrant mahogany colour with coppery hue. It is made from a blend of Oloroso Viejo and Moscatel from the Soleras of Valdespino, which gives it an elegant citrus note. For its preparation, a hydroalcoholic maceration of bitter extracts of plants of the genus artemisia, coriander, elderberry, gentian and quasia is carried out, together with chamomile flower, aromatic clove, cinnamon, dried orange from Andalusia and juniper berries. The final blend is aged in casks that have contained Valdespino Oloroso and which give this vermouth a depth and intensity of perfectly assembled aromas. It is a complex aperitif, with a marked identity in which the bitterness of the Oloroso Viejo is subtly balanced with the sweetness provided by the Moscatel, also from soleras from the winery itself. The final result is a Vermouth with an elegant bitterness, spice, slightly sweet and citrus.

The origin of Valdespino is very ancient. The chronicles of the time say that one of the brave 24 knights who fought alongside Alfonso After obtaining the concession of farms and land from the King, it is documented that in 1430 there was a commercial activity related to wine under that name. In 1875 AR Valdespino was born as a public limited company and in 1883 it joined the Royal Order of Suppliers of the Royal House. In 1932 it also became a supplier to the Royal House of Sweden. In 1999 Valdespino became part of the José Estévez Winery Group, owner of other century-old companies such as Marqués del Real Tesoro and Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín (La Guita), also being the largest vineyard owner in all of Andalusia. Since 2013, Valdespino has been considered one of the hundred best wineries in the world.



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