Scions of Sinai Nomadis


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Grower: Scions of Sinai
Grape Variety: Pinotage / Cinsault
Style: Floral and Smokey
Country: South Africa
Appellation: Coastal Region
Vintage: 2021/22
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 12% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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This is an excellent gateway Pinotage: just 30 percent is blended with one of its parents, Cinsault, to create an immensely juicy and moreish wine. If you like Gamay, or lighter styles of Cinsault, this will be right up your street. There’s still a savoury touch to the crunchy red-cherry bouquet, with a floral lift. The palate is full of mouth-puckering vibrant fruit – almost cranberry-like – with a smoky twist on the finish.

Bernhard had grown up on the family owned farm, located in Lower Helderberg (ward of Stellenbosh, South Africa). The farmed wine from lower Helderberg lies on decomposed granite sandy soils with weathered feldspars and quarts granules. Where organic material are farmed back into the soils they tend to be loamy with good aeration (good for deep roots and soil microflaura). Where the higher, more universally known, Helderberg tends to possess much higher clay heavy soils, that’s the difference and uniqueness of the “Lower Helderberg”. Bernhard decided to interpret his vision in his own way by using natural resources, exploring viticulture and vinification, also he is focusing mainly on saving some of the old vineyards in Lower Helderberg region by investing in better care for its soil and its vines. Making the wine styles fits to favour the vitality of the vines. Some of those vines are more than 50 years old with such a special deep root system which creates more exciting and complex flavours. As we say “Hope dies last", hoping other winemakers will see how much potential those old vineyards hold. Taking this challenge as his own project. Travelling around the World and working with inspiring winemakers he started his own project and SCIONS OF SINAI has been born in 2016.



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