Saroto Tinto


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Grower: Arribas Wine Co.
Grape Variety: Tinta Gorda / Tinta Serrana / Bastardo / Rufete / Alvarelhão / Rocheiro / Ocheiro / Verdelho / Malvasia / Bastardo Branco / Posto Branco / Formosa / Other
Style: Vibrant and Fresh
Country: Portugal
Appellation: Tras-os-Montes
Vintage: 2020/21
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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An old vine red and white field blend. The bouquet is packed with wild forest fruits and berries, with a subtle sour funk from the natural fermentation. The palate brings lots of fresh acidity adds juiciness and balances the rustic, grippy tannins, making for quite a light red. Earthy minerality adds extra complexity and the finish is long and moreish.

Arribas Wine Company began to take shape in May 2017 on a visit to Bemposta, a village in the municipality of Mogadouro. The richness of the region’s wine heritage, both due to its old vineyards and the edaphoclimatic conditions, led us to make the decision to move forward with a wine production project. We started this project in a small garage that functioned, for many years, as a private cellar. The main winery is located in the old part of the village of Bemposta and, due to the fact that it is based on mother rock, it allows to maintain a cool and constant temperature. We opted for traditional methods of production and, in this sense, the equipment of the winery is limited to a vertical basket press and oak barrels. We aim to produce authentic, light, easy-to-drink wines and for that reason we try to make them as pure as possible.



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