Sao Domingos Aguardente Vinica Velhissima

Sao Domingos Aguardente Vinica Velhissima



Grower: São Domingos
Style: Rich and Complex
Country: Portugal
Appellation: Bairrada
Spirit Type: Aguardente
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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From one of the most prestigious Houses of Wines and Brandies of Portugal comes this traditional old brandy from the Bairrada wine area. Upto 15 to 20 years natural ageing process in oak french barrels limousin and the distillation of young wines in copper stills makes for rich aromatic flavours and colours keeping the initial wine without loosing the initial wine characteristics of the floral and vanilla aromas. Soft aromatic intensity, fruit notes, in a delicate and elegant colour, complex on the palate and long on the finish.

Since 1937, the company Caves do Solar de São Domingos has produced sparkling wines, old spirits, grape marc, Bairrada, Dão and Beiras wines. Its galleries contain more than two million bottles of sparkling wine, large thousands of bottled wines and hundreds of quartolas in French oak for their famous wine spirits. The Aguardente São Domingos, produced in its own stills, continues to lead the market with the quality it always has. In 2006 a modern wine-making center was inaugurated, which allows the reception of a thousand tons of grapes from its own vineyards and wine producers working in partnership with the company. Under the aegis of the reference São Domingos. The constant innovation of the means of production and winemaking has made it possible to raise the quality and prestige of the house wines, reinforcing the business competitiveness of the São Domingos brand in the national and international markets throughout its 75 years.



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