Sandeman Armada Superior Cream Sherry



Grower: Sandeman
Grape Variety: Palomino Fino / Pedro Ximénez
Style: Floral and Savoury
Country: Spain
Appellation: Jérez
Vintage: NV
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 17.5% ABV
Bottle Size: 50cl

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Dark mahogany in colour, with highlights of old gold. Very deep and complex aromas, Oloroso characteristics are offset by the richness and personality of Pedro Ximénez. Full-bodied on the palate, well balanced, for his sophisticated mix of subtle sweetness, slight tartness and complexity with a very smooth and velvety long finish.

In 1790 George Sandeman, an ambitious young Scotsman from Perth, founded a wine business in London. With a £300 loan he bought his first wine cellar and started trading in Porto and Sherry from Tom’s Coffee House. By 1795, he had established an agency in Cadiz, Spain and in 1811 he purchased an ageing cellar in V.N. Gaia in Portugal. In the early 1800s Sandeman wines were shipped to countries within Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and even as far as New Zealand. Sandeman was the first company to brand a cask. In 1805, Sandeman started fire branding their trademark GSC (George Sandeman & Co.) in a crow’s foot design on all pipes they sold, thus giving the wine a name that assured quality. At the end of the nineteenth century “brand” names were largely unheard of but Sandeman wanted to give their customers a guarantee of quality so in 1880 they became the first Porto House to export bottled and labelled wines.



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