Ron Zacapa Centenario XO, Gran Reserva Especial Rum



Grower: Rum Creation & Company Inc
Style: Smooth / Sublime
Country: Guatemala
Appellation: Zacapa
Spirit Type: Rum
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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The Ron Zacapa Centenario XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial is a blend of aged rums between 6 and 25 years old, matured at an altitude of 2300 metres in selected barrels. These barrels had previously aged robust Bourbons, delicate Sherries and fine Pedro Ximenez wines. A perfectly balanced combination of sweetness, spice, fruit and spirit. A connoisseur’s delight, and the ultimate expression of the Master Blender’s art. A leather, tobacco and charred molasses bouquet continues on to the palate with a rich entry that leads to a full-bodied, moderately sweet palate of burnt caramel, oak and brown spice elements.

Ron Zacapa Centenario represents the culmination of several generations dedicated to the manufacture of genuine aged rums. The history of Zacapa rum starts with the erection of a new city in 1876: Zacapa (one of the departments of Guatemala). Nothing out of the ordinary happened until the year 1914, when Industria Licorera Guatemalteca started to produce rum. Between 1914 and 1939 several Guatemalan families individually established their own spirits companies throughout the country. In 1930 Company Industria Licorera Euzkadi opened its doors and in that same year Licorera Zacapaneca also started rum production. Finally in 1939 Industria Licorera Quezalteca opened its doors and in 1944 these four companies begun the merging of the companies. By doing so they were able to create a more modern distillery.



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