Ron Santiago De Cuba Carta Blanca

Ron Santiago De Cuba Carta Blanca


Grower: Ron Santiago de Cuba
Style: Tropical and Floral
Country: Cuba
Appellation: Santiago de Cuba
Spirit Type: Rum
Alcohol: 38% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl


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Clear, slight straw yellow-green tint. The bouquet shows honeysuckle, hay/grass, melon skin, vanilla old leather and delicate herbal spice. The palate is dry with vanilla, leather and light spice. Subtle wine/vermouth-like, floral, and white fruit notes. A typically characterful Cuban light rum with pleasing grassy, vanilla and leathery notes on the finish.

The Oriente region has been known as the Cradle of Light Rum since 1862 and Santiago de Cuba is the city where the tradition of the Ron Ligero Cubano found its origins. Here, the baking heat of the Caribbean sun, the humidity of the land and the sea perfectly entwine to create the optimum conditions for cultivating sugar cane, enriching the ageing process and bringing depth to our unique liquid. Rum is the soul of Cuba and what makes it unique can be broken down into three elements: the raw materials, the method of ageing and blending, and the expertise of the Maestros del Ron Cubano. The sugarcane from the south-east of the island is unique. Imbued with minerality from the sea and aromatically sweet. The microflora of this land where the sugarcane is cultivated helps us to guarantee the unique flavour of this Cuban rum. It is aged in only white oak barrels, in the Don Pancho warehouse, renowned as ‘the cathedral of Cuban rum’. Its unique location is so close to the train tracks that legend tells the barrels tremble when they pass, influencing the ageing process. All Cuban rums are aged in white oak barrels, and all of them, including the ‘white’ rums, are aged for a second time after blending. The process of blending, together with the use of different types of casks to bring out subtle variations of flavour, forms the age-old expertise of the Cuban rum masters. This legacy, alongside the climate of the south east, the Cuban way of creating rum, and the combination of new barrels with some aged for many years, results in a liquid impossible to recreate outside of its geographical and cultural context.



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