Ramilo Colares Malvasia


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Grower: Ramilo
Grape Variety: Malvasia
Style: Fresh and Floral
Country: Portugal
Appellation: Lisboa
Vintage: 2019/20
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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A sumptuous and extremely rare wine. Pale orange in colour. The bouquet shows an attractive orange flower scent which comes from grape skin contact during fermentation. The palate, has structure, freshness and minerality. Gorgeous notes of orange blossom, sea spray and plush flowers. The finish continues these notes, along with the classic minerality, crisp vibrant acidity and tart citrus.

Great-grandfather, Manuel Francisco Ramilo, who, in the early twentieth century, devoted much of its land area to wine production. Time and the hardness of the vineyard’s works in the region led the following generations to focus the family business on distribution and marketing of wines from other regions. Four generations later, unwilling to accept the abandonment of local traditions, brothers Pedro and Nuno Ramilo left their confortable lives to embrace a family business of four generations. The task was huge, but they had no doubts on the way to go. They strongly believed their future laid in their ancestors’ roots, hidden in the Lizandro River slopes and in the sandy properties of Colares, among the terraces and ancient stone walls of the old family vineyards. They rebuilt the family estates, saved old vines and planted new ones. The brothers are now on the verge of becoming the largest private producer of the world famous Ramisco from Colares.



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