Pazo Aguardiente de Orujo



Grower: Viña Costeira
Style: Tropical and Citrus
Country: Spain
Appellation: Galicia
Spirit Type: Aguardiente
Alcohol: 43% ABV
Closure: STELVIN
Bottle Size: 70cl

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A clear and flavoursome pomace brandy. It has overtones and aromas of bananas, pineapple and apple with hints of rich assorted herbs that lend it a balance and character which set it apart from others in the same category. Intense and complex palate, highlighting notes of fresh grass, apple and anise tones. Warm and full of flavour, with a long lingering aftertaste. A must try if you’re a fan of Spanish pomace brandy!

Viña Costeira was born in 1968, fruit of the illusion of a group of visionaries and rebels who broke with the wine trends of the time, in order to recover the varieties of historical grape of Galicia: Loureira, Godello, Albariño and Treixadura, among other. From the very beginning, tradition and innovation have always been present in Viña Costeira, and is the combination of these two factors which now consolidates us as a solid reference in the Galician landscape. The diversity of varietals is one of the riches that history gave the Ribeiro. Different strains contribute to the landscape of the region is not a monoculture uniform, but a surprising tapestry. In wine, this wealth also becomes incredible combinations of nuances and aromas. Our wines are framed in the oldest DO Galicia and possibly one of the oldest in Europe: Ribeiro; It is located in the basins of the Miño River and its tributaries Arnoia and Avia. The modern facilities define the character of a distillery whose main objective is the recognition and appreciation of quality distillate for the most discerning palates.



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