Mozart Strawberry White Chocolate Liqueur



Grower: Mozart Distillerie
Style: Creamy and Velvety
Country: Austria
Appellation: Salzburg
Spirit Type: Cream Liqueur
Alcohol: 15% ABV
Closure: STELVIN
Bottle Size: 50cl

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Experience the light strawberry chocolate sensation, a delicately melting indulgence by Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. Light pink in colour. The bouquet shows fruity strawberry flavour in creamy white chocolate liqueur with notes of vanilla. Creamy on the finish and very light in texture.

Mozart Distillerie operates from Salzburg in Austria and is specialized in chocolate liqueurs since 1954. Their method consists in macerating cocoa, and distilling these blends with high quality spirits, such as Bourbon, and then stored in barrels for 2 months, here sedimentation and clearing take place. The brand and company name 'Mozart' means the commitment to highest quality and perfection. This marks the integral core of our company philosophy. Mozart Spirits were developed with 150 years of experience and know-how in the spirits business by the Koenig family. Mozart chocolate spirits are the best and most premium spirits that ever have been produced. They pay homage to Mozart and his birth city Salzburg. The character of Mozart Distillerie shows the full competence for chocolate within spirits. Development and innovation ensure Mozart Distillerie to be now the market leader in the field of chocolate spirits.



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