Metaxa Angel’s Treasure



Grower: Remy Cointreau
Style: Smooth and Complex
Country: Greece
Appellation: Athens
Spirit Type: Brandy
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Dark amber color with copper highlights. Very intense aroma with sweet scent deeply. The bark of bitter orange and dried fruits such as prunes and apricots. Sweet spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves. Chocolate, oak, caramel. Bourbon vanilla and plum jam. The palate is velvety, silky, warm and complex. Citrus fruits, especially bitter orange, mixture of peppers, bitter chocolate, tobacco and fine oak. Intense, complex and long finish and an almost palpable presence of bitter orange and sweet spices.

The House of Metaxa was founded by a Greek merchant and entrepreneur named Spyros Metaxas, born on the island of Euboea. He created the first Greek brandy and was involved in the foundation of the first distillation facility in 1888, a little over 50 years after the Greek War of Independence. This drink is often mistaken for a brandy, though it is actually a bit more complex than that. Starting off as a brandy, Metaxa is produced from locally produced Savatiano, Sultanina and Black Corinth grapes, then distilled twice to be sweetened later on with aged muscat wines from Leros and Samos and then blended with a secret botanical mix. At this stage, it is aged in hand-made oak barrels. Marketed as ‘the smoothest amber spirit under the sun’, Metaxa is very flavorful, with a touch of sweetness and citrus notes.



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