Mermaid Pink Gin



Grower: Isle of Wight Distillery
Style: Fresh / Fruity
Country: England
Appellation: Isle of Wight
Spirit Type: Gin
Alcohol: 38% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Smooth, refreshing and complex with a contemporary style. The bouquet is fresh citrus, sweet spice, gentle juniper. The palate reveals citrus zing with a peppery spice – an earthy sweetness and a hint of sea air. Long, layered and complex with a well-rounded mouthfeel on the finish.

Our rock samphire, known as 'Mermaids Kiss’, is locally foraged from the space bewtween the sea and the shore, the world of the free spirited mermaid. Elderflower and Boadicea Hops are hand picked on the island. A father & son partnership source the other botanicals, visiting families and farmers around the world. This way we know we are selecting the best quality, ethically traded ingredients, gluten free and vegan. Mermaids are instinctive free spirits. In contrast, our master distiller is obsessive. Working with column stills for a smoother spirit, the process is tightly controlled capturing only the hearts of each batch – the sweet spot of any distillation. This avoids the harsher elements found in the heads and tails to create a purer Gin that is perfectly balanced. Mermaid is then rested for seven days to let the flavours mellow and marry and only then cut back to 42% abv with pure island spring water.



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