Melbourne Gin



Grower: The Melbourne Gin Co.
Style: Floral / Spice
Country: Australia
Appellation: Melbourne
Spirit Type: Gin
Alcohol: 42% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Eleven botanicals, both local and exotic, are each individually distilled and then blended using a winemaker’s approach to create a classic well-rounded, smooth and slightly surprising gin. It takes 11 distillations to make a single bottle. The bouquet is a good indication of the complexity to come. Its full, spicy and fragrant, with lots going on, but its not a jumbled mess; consistent with the distillation process you can pick out distinct notes. Szechuan pepper, and one even thought it reminded her of the old cologne, 4711 which apparently has Bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender and rosemary in its recipe, make of that what you will.

Inspired by a cultural capital, the Melbourne Gin Company (MGC) was established in 2012. Founded by Andrew Marks, a Yarra Valley winemaker living in inner city Collingwood. Andrew sought to doff his hat to London Dry Gin by creating the very first Melbourne Dry Gin, pioneering a new local industry while merging twin loves for gin martinis and his hometown. MGC seeks to pay homage to a city celebrated for its culture and worthy of its own unique spirit. Made in stills that were designed for making perfume, the MGC makes classic gin with a twist of Melbourne. MGC takes an innovative approach to distillation. Its gins incorporate locally grown and native botanicals and fresh local rainwater.
MGC Melbourne Dry Gin was the very first Australian gin to be launched with such ambition and paved the way for the emerging local gin industry. The MGC is an independent distillery with an artisan production approach. Our gins are hand crafted, batch distilled and non chill filtered.



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