Martell VS Cognac




Grower: Martell
Style: Rich / Fruity
Country: France
Appellation: Cognac
Spirit Type: Cognac
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Amber with an orangish cast. Black walnut and fruity bouquet. A round, buoyant palate leads to a dryish, light body with lean caramel and wood notes followed by a blast of peppery heat. Energetic notes of rich fruit, fresh citrus, pear and a dash of earthy saffron. Finishes with a coarse, toasted nut and spice fade.

Since 1715, Martell has carefully preserved the integrity and reputation of the Cognacs that bear its name, remaining loyal to the creative and inspired spirit of its founder: Jean Martell. Jean Martell had a multi-faceted personality, both an adventurer and a scholar, a noble and a merchant, an aesthete and an entrepreneur, he was able to blend these different traits to forge an independent and creative character. It was his unique ability to create bridges connecting the best of things that has guided us in the creation of this outstanding Cognac. Martell XO is a superior Cognac that is made up from a blend of 35 to 40 year old brandy from the finest vineyards in Cognac. Martell XO Suprême (Extra Old) is a remarkable combination of the main four cognac growth areas. You will find this personality in the unique and balanced blending of Martell XO, which combines the elegant and mellow borderies eaux-de-vie with the power of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. Its rich, warm colour with mahogany coppery sheens, the spicy notes with hints of dried fruit on the nose, and a unique in-mouth experience conjuring round, smooth and fruity sensation will leave you with a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Its powerful taste is distinctive, with a long lingering after-taste. It’s a cognac with a rich character, perfect for special occasions.



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