Luis Pato Vinha Pan Espumante


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Grower: Luís Pato
Grape Variety: Baga
Style: Toasty and  Buttery
Country: Portugal
Appellation: Bairrada
Vintage: 2017/18
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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Single vineyard sparkling wine, using grapes from the same plot that are used for the Vinha Pan red. This Blanc de Noir is an exquisite expression of the traditional-method wines that have been made in Bairrada since 1890, whose terroir and climate allow for similar styles to those from the home of sparkling wine. The bouquet shows delicate notes of aromas like dried fruits, nuts and orange peel. Brioche, toasty and butter notes. The palate brings gentle bubbles, lovely delicate red fruits, flowers, savouriness and a touch of toastiness.

Luis Pato (which is Portuguese for ‘duck’) is the best-known producer in the Bairrada region. He’s widely regarded as the modernizer who brought a struggling region back to life, but I think it’s unfair to see him just in this light, because his wines have a traditional side to them, and he’s also a champion of the local red grape, Baga. He's a bit of a maverick, pushing boundaries with no time for rules. He has the vision to experiment, regularly trying out new things, making improvements little by little in a constant drive to get the best from his grapes. Luis describes himself as a 'free' winemaker. He believes that the fact that he trained as a chemical engineer and not an oenologist has given him a different perspective on making wine. His philosophy marries old-world style and Latin-born influence with an appreciation of a more Anglo-Saxon style vision. Oh, and he is also a pragmatist! Filipa, Pato's daughter, also a trained chemical engineer, hasn't just followed in her father's footsteps, she's gained a reputation in her own right. An innovator like her father with a similar bent for pushing boundaries. One thing that father and daughter share too is a desire to make wines as naturally as possible. Filipa says she aims to make 'authentic wines without make-up'.



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