Ios Rematies Monemvasia


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Grower: Ios Winery
Grape Variety: Monemvasia
Style: Fruity and Mineral
Country: Greece
Appellation: Ios
Vintage: 2021/22
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 13% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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Pale straw yellow in colour with golden hue. The bouquet shows an intensely mineral and fresh notes. Herbal and orange blossom aromas lead to a textured palate with vibrant acidity. Steely mineral notes, freshly sliced lemons, salinity, leading to a crisp, mouth-watering finish.

Inspired by working with the legendary Haridimos Hatzidakis on neighbouring Santorini, brothers Alex and Angelos Delis established this tiny micro-winery in 2015. Located on the island of Ios, the vineyard is planted with suitable Aegean grapes such as Monemvasia and Assyrtiko, on soils which are mainly schist, imparting incredible minerality to the wines. The grapes come from a hillside vineyard, 800 metres north of the winery, which is protected from the northerly winds. The vineyard is characterised by its terraces, which make it difficult to use machinery, therefore cultivation is by hand. The soil in the vineyards is rocky schist, imparting distinctive mineral flavours to the wine; it is also high in clay content which retains moisture, nourishing the vines through the hot, dry summer. Rainfall is scarce on Ios, with only double the rainfall of the Sahara desert, and as a result, yields are low and the resulting wines are rich in flavour. Following a philosophy of natural viticulture, chemical pesticides and fertilisers are not used in the vineyards. The practices used are close to organic as possible.



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