Grand Brulot Cognac Cafe Liqueur



Grower: Cognac Tardy
Style: Soft / Aromatic
Country: France
Appellation: Loire
Spirit Type: Liqueur
Alcohol: 35% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Grand Brulot is proud to be reviving an 18th century French tradition where Cognac was blended with Coffee to create an exquisite tasting drink. The elegant & rounded taste of the Cognac elevates the rich flavor of the roasted coffee beans with notes of apricot and cinnamon and hints of dark mocha, it culminates in an exceptionally balanced finish. Leaving a memorably smooth yet powerful taste of exquisite flavours.

Some will tell you that Brûlot, in French means burned with sugar while others will say it means burnt cognac. Others still, claim it means highly seasoned, or simply, spicy, and still others with a more fiery disposition define it as incendiary. In French it can indeed mean firebrand, or even fire ship: a military vessel packed full of explosives and other combustible material, then set adrift in the enemy’s territory to ultimately destroy them in a ghastly inferno. Amongst all these diverse, yet apt definitions, one thing can be agreed upon, Café Brûlot, in the end, really just means delicious. Well, delicious and, you know… set on fire. If the word Brûlot proves too contentious, one may opt for the drink’s other, Satanic titles: café diabolique, café diablo or devil's coffee, which are each well suited for a drink that simmers in a silver caldron with spiraling ribbons of golden blue flame dripping over it. Call it what you will, it is a traditional postprandial indulgence in New Orleans, and has been at Cajun and Creole French restaurants for over one hundred years.



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