Estancia Raicilla



Grower: R&J Estancia Distillery
Style: Tropical and Smokey
Country: Mexico
Appellation: Sierra Madre Occidental
Spirit Type: Raicilla
Alcohol: 45% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Combining 400 years of learned history, with traditional processes met with advanced distillation, Estancia Raicilla was born. Just one sip reveals tropical fruits, with pineapple most prominent. There’s a touch of smoke, but really freshness is key here.  Its fragrant flavour also makes it superb in tropical-style daiquiris like mango & mint, peach & ginger, hibiscus & lime, pineapple & basil, or simply with fresh coconut water & shaved ice.

With the arrival of distilling technology in the 16th century, Raicilla transformed from a fermented beverage to the distilled spirit we know today. During this transformation, the spirit grew in popularity among indigenous locals, which led to its illegalization by the ruling Spanish who believed it to be an unsavory custom. Its illegalization forced producers into remote areas to distill in secret – a practice that remained for centuries. This is why for more than 400 years Raicilla has been made in the same traditional way, passed down through generations of family distillers. Our distillation process begins by roasting agave piñas for 2 days in an adobe oven to activate the natural sugars for fermentation. The agave piñas are then crushed before being placed in open oak barrels to naturally ferment using wild yeast. When the ferment is ready, the wort is double distilled in copper alembic stills to create Estancia’s aromatic Raicilla. Much like the concept of terroir, the flavor of our Raicilla is created through the climate, geology and volcanic soil where our Lechuguilla grows. These conditions, along with our distillation process impart the floral aromatics that make this spirit truly special.



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