Clos Henri Single Vineyard Waimaunga Pinot Noir


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Grower: Clos Henri
Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
Style: Earthy and Vibrant
Country: New Zealand
Appellation: Marlborough
Vintage: 2020/21
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 14.5% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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This is inviting and generous which delivers a spectrum of flavours. The bouquet is a pronounced with an intensity of ripe blueberry, with subtle notes of violet. Strawberry and red cherry notes are balanced with rich and concentrated texture on the palate. Velvet, fine tannins are completed by mushroom and leather hints. Complex and lingering with a spicy finish that will transport you to our windswept clay terroirs.

The famille Bourgeois embraced their new found soil with great enthusiasm, eager to begin anew without the restrictions they are encumbered with in France. Local wine producers were intrigued to see how the well-known Sancerre winemaker would plant and vinify their wines, and proud that New Zealand's celebrated Sauvignon Blanc region had been chosen. Despite their ten-generation history of producing Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in the Loire Valley, the Bourgeois family placed strong emphasis on researching the viticultural practices of local winegrowers. This cooperation, the Clos Henri vineyard and the wine reflect the marriage of French-New Zealand experience. The Bourgeois New Zealand vineyard was christened 'Clos Henri', pronounced 'Klo Enrie' for two reasons; first as a homage to the patriarch of the Bourgeois family, Henri and secondly its vineyard of special terroir, or 'Clos'.



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