Belsazar Rose Vermouth



Grower: Belsazar
Style: Bitter and Aromatic
Country: Germany
Appellation: Berlin
Spirit Type: Vermouth
Alcohol: 17.5% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 75cl

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Already shows color, where the journey goes. Pink grapefruit, orange blossom, bitter orange, raspberries and currants put the flavor accents and show impressively that summer fruit acid and the vermouth is a typical bittersweet note which is fresh and vibrant.

Until the 17th century the tradition in this country to produce wine, spices and herbs wormwood enough. But for several years the famous Italian and French versions in Germany remained largely unrivaled. This motivation and curiosity and experience in the production of spirits have Maximilian Wagner, Sebastian Brack and Philipp Schladerer moved BELSAZAR to develop a vermouth from the finest German ingredients. As Template long forgotten recipes from the time of Sixtus Balthasar Schladerer to which refers the name served. In the same distillery Schladerer im Breisgau BELSAZAR is produced, stored and bottled today. For the varieties “Dry”, “Red”, “Rosé”, “White” mature different base wines of the top winemakers in the region Kaiserstuhl and Markgraeflerland with up to 30 different herbs in aromatic neutral stoneware barrels for several months. So after careful research and broad-based technical support of evidence has emerged that an Vermouth from Germany has the potential to compete with the best.



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