Asbach Original 3 Year Old



Grower: Asbach
Style: Smooth and Floral
Country: Germany
Appellation: Rudesheim
Spirit Type: Brandy
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Asbach Original 3 Year Old
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Asbach straight unfolds the full diversity of its special taste. Study the colour and clarity of Asbach. Smell the different aromas and the harmonious bouquet. Taste its smoothness, body and sophistication in each drop. Deep harvest-gold color—a very pretty appearance by brandy standards; the forward nose is candy sweet, vanilla-cake-frosting-like, and slightly metallic, though not unpleasant in the least. After a third pass, I pick up an ethereal hint of raw apple.

The Asbach history goes back to the year 1892, when company founder Hugo Asbach left his adopted home country of France and made his dream of an own company come true, in Rüdesheim am Rhein. He had previously acquired a high degree of know-how of distilling wines from renowned French distillers, and he made use of this knowledge to achieve an ambitious goal – to create a product equal to French cognacs while at the same time catering to German tastes. Ten years later, he created the new term “Weinbrand” for his brandies, to be used parallel to the term “Cognac” generally used in those times. A farsighted decision in fact, for when German producers were prohibited from using the term Cognac after 1919, the name Weinbrand had already been well-established on the market. The secret of the superb Asbach quality lies in its unqiue production process. Experience how the master distiller takes finest grapes and uses his instinctive feel, following two distillation processes and storage in casks of Limousin oak, to create unique masterpieces in the art of distilling.



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