Aluna Coconut Rum



Grower: Cloudbreak Spirits
Style: Soft / Smooth
Country: Guatemala / Caribbean
Appellation: Guatemala City
Spirit Type: Rum
Alcohol: 35% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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Crystal clear in colour, full transparent. The bouquet shows citrus and fresh notes of pink pepper and memories of vanilla and nuts thanks to the legacy of oak barrels from its aging. Soft on the palate with pleasant rounded mouthfeel, citrus and eucalyptus notes that give it an unmistakable softness and freshness on the finish.

Aluna translates as ‘to the moon’ or ‘moon goddess’. The mandala design is a traditional spiritual symbol for the universe, popular on surf boards for generations. Aluna’s mandala label incorporates the phases of the moon and combines a moon/coconut icon in its mid-rift. Aluna Coconut, a blend of premium rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with all-natural toasted coconut flavours. Aluna Coconut has been created for a generation of drinkers seeking high quality ingredients, authentic flavours and in tune with a global rediscovery of the coconut, its flavour and health benefits. The high altitude Guatemalan rum in Aluna Coconut is made with virgin sugar cane honey (miel de caña). This makes a lighter and smoother rum with a natural subtle sweetness. A unique strain of yeast extracted from pineapple is used to ferment the sugar cane honey, slowly releasing floral, fruit aromas into the rum which is then lightly aged in oak. Selected Caribbean rums add firmer, classic rum notes and a little heat, giving balance and structure to the blend whilst lightly toasted natural coconut provides a delicious new flavour dimension. After marrying, the rum is cut with the perfect amount of organic coconut water for a smooth and clean finish.



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