Alfred Giraud Harmonie



Grower: Henri Giraud
Style: Blended Malt / Matured in several types of casks
Country: France
Appellation: Cognac
Age: No Age Statement
Alcohol: 46.1% ABV
Closure: CORK
Bottle Size: 70cl

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This expression starts with two un-peated distillates that are aged, then blended with a lightly peated distillate before finishing in Cognac casks. An annual release of just 7 casks. Peat is evident but understated on the bouquet which presents with a salty, almost sweaty character that mingles saline with a spicier rendition of the underlying granary notes. The fruit from Heritage is largely absent here, replaced by a thin layer of smokiness, notes of leather, a stronger spice bill, and a finish that brings some brown sugar sweetness into the mix.

The Giraud family has long been associated with Cognac, but fifth generation Alfred Giraud’s tastes seem to run more to barley than grapes. Late last year saw the launch of the man’s eponymous French Malt Whisky, which are both made from French barley, malted in France, and double distilled in the open flame-heated Charente copper pot stills used for Cognac. Multiple distillates are mingled and matured in several types of casks — new French oak, new American oak, and used Cognac casks (which are primarily used for finishing) — before bottling (with no age statement).



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