A Seara Castes Tinto


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Grower: Iria Otero Mazoy
Grape Variety: Mencía / Caiño / Brancellao / Sousón
Style: Fresh and Fruity
Country: Spain
Appellation: Bierzo
Vintage: 2019/20
Closure: CORK
Alcohol: 12% ABV
Bottle Size: 75cl

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The bouquet shows aromas of sour cherry, raspberry and plum that are the hallmark of this juicy fruit-forward wine. Lively, fresh vibrant acidity makes this wine very easy to drink and perfect as an aperitif. As Iria describes; Un Vino, como se hacia antes! In other words; a wine as it used to be made. Atlantean, matured in concrete for 6 months, it acquires a special texture. It can be served chilled.

Iria is from Galicia in northwest Spain, she trained as a pharmacist and spent time in London before returning home to become a winemaker, and it’s not just any old Albariño Iria makes... she wants to show you the real Albariño, one of the most unique grapes in the world. In a style you don’t often see. She names all of her wines after animals who have bad reps (and unfairly so). The Sacabeira here is a local salamander which has poisonous skin to ward off predators, but if you see it in your vineyard, you know it's healthy and free of chemicals and pollution. They’re in Iria’s vineyards. Iria sources from 3 special plots which all bring something unique to the blend - one vineyard by the sea, another by a eucalyptus forest, and a third on a valley floor. You can really taste the influence of the sea… it has a gentle salinity which is quite moreish and unbelievably delicious.



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